The Starfish Story

Many thousands of starfish were washed ashore during a violent storm. A young boy was gently tossing them back into the sea one by one. "You're wasting your time son," said a passer by. "You'll never save them all." "Oh I know," replied the boy as he tossed a few more in, "but I can make a difference to this one... and this one..."

Our Mission

Asterias* is a Christian organisation dedicated to serving deprived people in Kenya who have little hope without our help. Our aim is to be a dynamic catalyst in helping individuals and congregations develop relationships and participate with Kenyan partners in God's mission. To achieve these goals we are focusing our resources on programmes that build the capacity for self-help in Kenya. One by one we can make a difference.

* The Latin name of the common starfish (in UK waters) is Asterias rubens.

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Our Work

Since its formation in 2006, The Asterias Organisation Ltd has been involved in various projects from organising fund-raising events to increasing awareness of the problems and hardship faced by many Kenyan people. In doing so we have been able to raise funds to help sponsor the education of Kenyan children and provide basic medical care we in the UK take for granted.

Specific projects include 'Kimuka' where our teams of volunteers have helped build a boarding school for girls, currently providing an education for 400 pupils. Through charitable donations we have also funded the drilling of a well capable of providing the Kimuka village and school with clean water for generations to come.

With your help we hope to continue our work of spreading the Gospel in Kenya and offering practical assistance to those most in need of help.
You can make a secure online donation to the Asterias Organisation via Paypal here: